Message from Professor Dennison

4th GBIHPBA Scientific MeetingĀ 

Dear colleagues and friends,

The 4th GBIHPBA biennial meeting was fantastic. Building on the success of the previous meetings, helped by the excellent venue in Leamington Spa heeded the feedback and comments from previous events and retained the overall format while addressing emerging issues.

HPB surgery has changed dramatically over the last twenty years and new technologies and drugs have heralded a new era where we are moving steadily towards tailored medicine. This is a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience and recognise these changes with the increasing demands they place on trainees and trainers. It is also important to understand the issues that the increasing complexity of modern medicine and the consequent burgeoning choices poses for patients and include them at every stage as we go forwards.

This year we were extremely fortunate in having 20 colleagues from China attend the meeting and the exchange of ideas about training, surgical pathology and approaches to treatment are bound to be fruitful. We were also fortunate in having outstanding speakers including Professor Guy Maddern from Adelaide and Professor Jian Zhou from Shanghai and representation from virtually all the HPB units in the UK.

There was been a fantastic response to the call for abstracts with submissions from Australia, China, Jordan, San Marino, Singapore and the UK. The standard was such that we enlarged the oral session to 10 presentations.

The excellent venue provided ample opportunity for socialising, meeting old colleagues and making new friends.

Professor Ashley Dennison
Past -President, GBIHPBA